Available Oct, 2022 We are all psychic and born with intuition. For most, it is suppressed in childhood to avoid ridicule or punishment. At an early age it was obvious that i was different than those around me. I sensed that there was more to the world than it appeared. Growing up in a very strict Italian Catholic home it was not in my best interest to announce that I was able to see Angels or light orbs floating around during Latin masses. I believed in magic, faeries and the power of prayer and wishes. I was blessed to have an ally and Guardian Angel in my life, Nonna Annie who also had these psychic abilities. She still guides me from above. I was born with synesthesia, which is a type of clairvoyance when letters, numbers, words and even days of the week have a specific color. Along with that i was blessed, maybe cursed with clairolfactance which is the psychic sense of clear smelling. I thought everyone saw the colors, smelled danger or were gifted messages from loved ones that passed. Basic survival instincts kicked in and I quickly learned it was best to hide these things until i was older! Most of all I am so grateful to have the ability as an empath to communicate with animals, animal spirits and the nature realm. It has been an added tool to use in my animal acupuncture practice. I receive messages from loved ones that passed, dreams and sense things that are about to happen. Unfortunately for me sometimes it is as if I have a satellite dish on my head picking up thousands of messages and unable to sort them. At times they are clear and precise, others may send me warnings about things to happen without specific details. This is one of the reasons i use the Animal Medicine oracle cards. Through these cards i am able to decipher a clearer and simpler message. Readings are $55 for 45 minutes. I hope to share my gift with you during your Flora, Fauna and Fae Oracle Reading – jeanie marie